A photograph of Emma Wells

About Me

I am a local artist based in Shipdham, Norfolk. I am continually inspired by my surroundings, whether it’s simply at home tending to my garden or out and about exploring this beautiful county with my family.

My art depicts Norfolk landscapes, seascapes and a variety of flora and fauna found in this beautiful county. I work in a variety of media including the unique medium of encaustic wax, I also love to produce pet portraits in mixed media too!

I have always had a passion for art and studied it to degree level before starting work as an interior stylist. This has given me an eye for colour and composition and an understanding of how to create a decorative visual image that makes an impact.

About Encaustic Wax

I love to work with the medium of Encaustic Wax. This unusual medium is made from pigmented beeswax and is heated using specialist tools which I use to manipulate the wax onto special card. What I find most captivating about this unique medium is the depth of colour and expressive mark making that can be achieved with it. The wax is not a precise medium to work with and you often have to work and make decisions quickly. I feel it is these special qualities that suit my hand and ‘loose’ style of working, as I create that ‘captured moment’ in wax.

an encaustic wax painting of a butterfly emma using the encaustic wax iron an encaustic wax painting of a nuthatch an encaustic wax painting of a seal

About my Pet Portraits

My mixed media pet portraits are made using inks, watercolour, pastels and pen. I use my unique 'ink splash' style to capture the colourful energy and character of the animal, and love to include thier favourite toy or personal item! I like to work from a good quality photograph to ensure I create a good likeness as every pet is unique.

a work in progress picture of a horse emma painting a black labrador dog charlie the cat next to his portrait a work in progress picture of a yorkshire terrier